• How to do the maintenance and maintenance of the slitter?

    Second, use high-quality slitting and cross-cutting knives;Third, the daily maintenance of the slitting machine should be in place. The standard is that lubrication, cleaning, and clearing (no dust, no debris) are in place to ensure that the sliding part of the equipment is in good condition. Article from Jiangmen Nantian Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


  • What are the requirements for the process of the winder?

    In the process of cutting the paper, the paper cutter will inevitably form a slit end face between the two cut papers. In theory, it can be cut into a plane, but in practice, it is often impossible to cut the unevenness. When the paper rolls are interlaced, the two rolls of paper are staggered together, and the width of the cut uneven paper rolls is inconsistent, which may cause trouble in use. The coated whiteboard paper is a coated paperboard having a bright coating on the coated side, and the coated side is in contact with the take-up roll during the rewinding process, so that the paper surface cannot be worn. Since the rewinding machine has a large number of manual movement processes, the process of the reclaiming process is relatively slowed down, and the general statistical manual dynamics account for 50% to 60% of the rewinding time. Therefore, in order to ensure the continuity of the paper machine, the rewinding machine must be required. The speed of the car is 3 to 4 times that of the paper machine.   Article from Jiangmen Nantian Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


  • Working principle of rewinder PLC controller system

    In the process of user program fulfillment, the rewinder does not change the status and data of the input point in the I/O image area, while other output points and soft devices are in the I/O image area or system RAM storage area. The status and data are subject to change, and the ladder diagrams listed above, the program performance results will work on the ladder diagrams that use the coils or data below; instead, the ladder diagrams below, The status or data of the rewritten logic coil can only be applied to the program above it until the next scan cycle. I/O points can be accessed directly in the process of program execution if I use immediate I/O instructions. That is, if the I/O instruction is used, the value of the input process impression register will not be updated, the program will directly take the value from the I/O module, and the output process impression register will be updated immediately, which is somewhat different from the immediate input. Third, the output rewriting stage After the rewinder scans the user program, the programmable logic controller enters the output rewrite phase. During this period, the CPU rewrites all the output latch circuits according to the corresponding conditions and data in the I/O map area, and then drives the corresponding peripherals through the output circuit. At this point, it is the true output of the programmable logic controller. Article from Jiangmen Nantian Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


  • Pay attention to the precautions of the use of slitting machine?

    When blowing, first stop the machine and put the paper into the tube, then turn it back on. when blowing, pay attention to the stability of the flash when accelerating. 11, encountered c-class papers to slow down the speed as much as possible to avoid the situation of paper breaks (1200 rpm with 1800 rpm is 5 minutes slower and then the time difference is 7 minutes). 12. For some problems with the paper core of the base paper, pay attention to the proper chuck clamping of the original paper core. 13, when the original paper core is deformed, causing the original paper to rotate slowly, pay attention to speed adjustment to slow down as much as possible. 14, when dealing with the bad paper of the original paper using the knife slide, be careful not to slip the inner paper. 15. When the base paper is cut to the end, slow down the speed to avoid paper breakage. Article from Jiangmen Nantian Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


  • What is the working principle of the winder?

    The working principle of the winder: the paper roll taken from the paper machine is placed on the paper exit frame, the brake device on the paper return frame keeps the paper web with a certain tension, and the paper roll is quickly made when the paper is broken. Move to reduce paper loss. The web is cut to the desired width by a transfer roller and slitting mechanism and then rolled into a roll of paper at the desired tightness and diameter.   Article from Jiangmen Nantian Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


  • What are the pneumatic parts and components used in the slitter?

    Pneumatic cylinder: It is a power effect device consisting of a pneumatic cylinder, a plated shaft core, front and rear cover plates, a piston and a gas seal. The most prone to loss is the gas seal, which has O type, Y type, V type and so on. When used, if it is found that its ability to act has decreased, it may be caused by gas seal damage (detection method: when the air pipe at one end of the cylinder is removed and the gas is supplied to the other end, if gas leaks from the nozzle, it is determined Caused by poor sealing). Can be removed to check for gas seal damage or other cylinder defects. 5. Solenoid valve: It is a functional valve that generates electromagnetic force by electromagnetic force when the electromagnetic coil is energized to complete the selection of the gas passage. Our commonly used valves are two-position three-way, two-position five-way, three-position five-way and so on. The position referred to here means that the valve body has a method of controlling the air flow passage, that is, the movement direction of the cylinder is different at a certain "position", and "on" refers to the number of inlet and outlet of the gas in the circuit. 6. Oil mist triple piece: refers to the smoothing effect of the smooth oil stored in the oil cup after the gas is passed through, and enters the working cylinder together with the gas to smooth the water. At the same time, the water in the gas can be separated and adjusted. Pressure valve to operate the outlet air pressure device. Its composition structure includes: pressure regulating valve, oil mister, water mist separator, and a total of three pressure parts. Article from Jiangmen Nantian Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


  • What is the operating procedure of the slitter?

    Paper-punching and opposite: Put the data from the unwinding to the winding in the direction set by the equipment, and adjust the correcting position to stop the opposite side. When cutting the edge, ensure that both sides of the finished product have glue. Pay attention to correcting when feeding. stroke. Be sure to go to the middle of the correction stroke. When you are running, you should pay attention to correcting one side. When you exceed the stroke, you will need to deal with it immediately; 8. Put the paper tube requested by the job on the take-up reel and align the data. The double-sided adhesive must be attached to the double-sided adhesive, and the appropriate winding tension and unwinding tension should be adjusted to perform the trimming and winding; 9. Strictly check the quality of the product during the winding process. Do not roll defective or scrap products and other stolen goods or side strips into the product, and strictly control the number of meters; 10. When stopping the unloading, hold the material with one hand and pull the product out of the inflatable shaft. The material of the photo-painting surface must be equipped with gloves, and no fingerprints should be left on the product; 11. According to the production requirements, do a proper packaging, including labeling and packaging paper or film, sealing, batch number, etc.; 12. After shutdown, turn off the power supply and air supply, and perform necessary cleaning and maintenance on the machine. Do not use a knife to scrape excessively. The glue on the equipment should be wiped clean with solvent. 13. In the process of encountering problems during the operation, in principle, the shutdown process, the failure to stop the process must be decelerated and carefully handled. Article from Jiangmen Nantian Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


  • What is the characteristic of the slit shaft of the slitter?

    High economic efficiency: The shaft is designed for special functions. All kinds of paper tubes with thick, thin, wide and narrow can beapplied. 5: Simple maintenance and long application time: The inflation shaft is a single part, and each part in the structure has fixed specifications, which can be used interchangeably to make it easy to repair. Article from Jiangmen Nantian Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


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