• What is a winder?

    Second, the entire base paper is cut into a number of widths that meet user specifications; Third, control the winding diameter of the finished paper roll to meet the factory specifications. Article from Jiangmen Nantian Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


  • What is the application of the slitter blade?

    In the complete "slitting machine knife set", spacers and spacers are also important components. The main purpose of the spacer and gasket is to maintain the precise width between the slitter cutters and the horizontal gap between the upper and lower cutters. The commonly used gasket thickness is between 0.8mm and 150mm. The hardness requirement is about 38-42 degrees HRC, and the shape should be sturdy and durable. The tolerances of the spacers and gaskets are also required to be within 0.002 mm. The inner hole and the outer surface are blackened to effectively improve the rust prevention performance. Slitting machine blades are widely used in: large steel manufacturing plants, steel pipe plants, non-ferrous metal processing plants, strapping materials plants, cold-rolling plants, packaging materials plants, steel plate processing service centers, steel screen plants, strip mills, slitter production Business. In daily life, it is closely related to many industries, such as: paper, paper products processing, adhesive tape products, film, wire and cable, rubber, aluminum foil, chemical fiber, non-manufactured cloth, composite packaging materials, telecommunications appliances, cigarettes, leather. , printing, food and clothing and other industries. Article from Jiangmen Nantian Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


  • What is the reason why the tension of the film winder is too small?

    There is sometimes no tension in the magnetic powder clutch.For this reason, there is a short circuit or poor contact. Check if the input wire is exposed and touch the mechanical body. Check for loose wire connections. Another reason is that the internal magnetic powder has now lost a part of the magnetic properties, and sometimes there is no phenomenon when tension occurs during the application process. In this case, it is considered to replace the new magnetic powder. 3. The magnetic powder clutch is stuck. There are several reasons for the magnetic powder clutch to be stuck. One is that the magnetic powder is completely ineffective and the fluidity is poor. Second, the bearing necrosis caused the magnetic powder clutch to be stuck. The third is caused by the hard object inside the magnetic powder clutch. Article from Jiangmen Nantian Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


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